Thursday, April 19, 2012

365 Days - The Year Mark

So I sat in front of my PC late Wednesday night (I’m a PC, not a Mac, btw) after three-quarters of a bottle of Chenin Blanc (really? Yes, REALLY! Chenin Blanc is BACK, baby! So are shoulder pads and "stories") and stared at the blank computer screen with a look on my face similar to Sarah Palin when asked any question that has to do with foreign affairs. Blank, in other words.  

“How do I start this?” I thought. “How do I start this without coming off as a self-centered, somewhat conceited, egotistical attention-whore?” I thought. Then, I thought “I can’t. That’s what I am.” They say acceptance is half the battle, right? So…  

Welcome to the blog of a 39 year old self-centered, somewhat conceited, egotistical attention-whore! Pull up a chair! Oh honey, not that one; that one makes your thighs look fat. That one, yeah. That’s good. And here’s an afghan. That’s better. WELCOME ONE AND ALL… or better yet, WELCOME, ALL FIVE OF YOU! Today, is my birthday!!! For those that would like to send gifts, I don’t mind that much if they are late, as long as they aren’t too late, and you may email me at for my P.O. box but do it quickly. First come, first serve. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! Did I mention that today is my birthday? IT IS! 

So my birthday was supposed to be the official “launch” of Eve of Forty but as you know if you’ve been reading, I had a little premature female ejaculation and released it earlier this week. Sorry. I’m really sorry.  That’s never happened to me before. I’ll clean it up. I swear. In any case, this blog was created with the hot pre-cougar/cougar/jaguar/mountain lion in mind. Moms or non-moms alike are welcome. Friends and family are welcome. Men, as always, just like in my twenties, are welcome. I hope that you aren’t offended by things I say/have said as this is all written in fun and mostly tongue-in-cheek. Oh, and my husband is reading, so mind your comments even if I don’t. He’s open-minded but he’s also bat-wielding. Love you, honey!  

Enjoy. Have a giggle. Curse me out. Walk my path. Whateva. This is mine, bitches. Mine, all mine. Not much is these days, but this thing is. 

Did I mention… IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! IT IS!!

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