Monday, January 30, 2012

445 Days - The Beginning

Yeah. I’ve succumbed. I tried this once before, in my early thirties, but just couldn’t seem to put forth the time and effort into taking it or even myself seriously. I doubt that I will even accomplish posting here every single day until that day, but I’m giving it to old “wish I went to college” try. So, here goes:

Hello. My name is Barbara. (Hi Barbara.) I am a woman. I am 445 days away from my fortieth birthday, and these are my sins… wait, crap. I got AA meeting greetings mixed up with Roman Catholic penance openings. How the hell will I keep this going if I can start it out right? Okay. One more try.
Hello! (See how positive I made that one?) I’m Barbara, and this blog is about the journey leading up to my fortieth birthday. It’s going to include stories about my existence and how I got here. It’s going to include stories about what I’m going through as it approaches, both mentally and physically. It will include some jokes, a few images, and likely a hell of a lot of cursing (‘swearing’ for you non-Philly folks reading,) so block it now if you’re the wholesome type, ‘cause this will likely not be for you.
Today’s blog is a shit blog because if I’m being honest I just wanted to see how my text color looked against the white background. Do you like? I chose chess because I liked the whole “check-mate” reference to turning forty. As if, you know, it’s over, like, my life. Well, it’s not, but you see why I picked it. I may change it to something else down the road as my outlook changes, if it does.
So. Here I am. Part of the blogosphere. Feeling self-important just like everyone else. But if you’re like me and you’re on the brink of that special number, maybe this brings a smile to your face or jiggle to your muffin-top. I hope it does, because it will be worth the effort if so.

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